WB Series

Wafer Breeze Series

WB Series

Lightweight aluminum panel with CNC precision and using the highest quality LED diodes and masks for super-high contrast and vivid colors.

WB SERIES 1.89mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4mm

Taylorleds is a 80% joint venture of Absen. One of the worlds largest LED companies. ATS-Pro is the exclusive distributor of Taylorleds in North America.

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  • Multiple Panel Configurations

    Panel Configurations utilizing 2, 3, 4 or 5 modules

  • Front and Rear Service

    Front and Rear Service.

  • Unrivaled Panel Design

    The WB (Wafer Breeze) is a Lightweight die-cast aluminum panel with CNC precision and featuring Taylorleds’ unique “housing-free" module design. Using the highest quality LED diodes and masks for super-high contrast and vivid colors. Front and rear serviceable.

  • 90° Panel and Module Rotation

    When we rotate the cabinet at 90°, we can rotate the module at 90° in the opposite direction to avoid color cast and get better display performance

  • Smart Module and Snap On Mask

    Slim modules without housing for uniformity & flatness. Diagnostics, Traceability, Color Settings, Production Date, Model & Version Data, Calibration Data, Module Current & Voltage, Module Temperature, Operating Hours Optical design can maximize the viewing angle. Top printing ink spraying craft improves the contrast ratio and color conformity. Easy maintenance and non-cohesive.

  • Optional 90° Corners

    Cabinet can be cut to achieve 90° corner splicing. We will also cut modules on the edge to minimize the seam.

  • Wall Mount

    Wall Mount

  • The Most Advanced Graphics

    The WB Series comes with the Novastar A5s Pro Card. With the exceptional, versatile design of the WB Series and the Powerful new COEX MX Series Processors , the WB Series Elevates the LED Experience by providing State of the Art Color and Operational Control.

    Novastar MX30-SF with Advanced Graphics features. Exclusive to ATS-Pro

    Novastar MX20 with Advanced Graphics features

WB Series Project Highlight

90' Ticker Banner Celiling Wraps

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