Collaborate Series

All In + One Kit. Our Collaborate Series comes with everything you need right out of the box and ready to install. No need for special power or wiring. Pick your size and any add on options, and you’re ready to go.


  • What is our ALL IN + ONE ?

    Advanced Design

    The design concept behind the ATS-Pro All In + One is simple. Use the best Flip Chip COB LED panel on the market today from Taylorleds. Keep the “All in One” electronics for LED processing, HDMI Inputs, Wi-Fi, USB inputs, audio, and operating system with apps and video playback in an external solution from Novastar and add finishing touches like wall mounts, stand, trim and High End Line Array Audio from K-Array.

    The Best COB Display

    Brings refined specular highlights, incredible detail in shadows, and vibrant, true-to-life colors. Each display is calibrated in the factory and features pro reference modes for HDR color grading.

    COB Compared to SMD

    COB modules as compared to SMD modules provide anti-collision and easy cleaning characteristics. Extremely low pixel failure makes it a good choice for very high resolution walls.

  • Novastar TU20 Pro

    Practical functions, applicable to a variety of scenarios

    Wireless screen projection, smooth and stable Wireless screen projection, simple and convenient interaction. 8m away from the screen, latency ≤80ms. 60 frames per second of wireless transmission, smooth and stable.

    One-stop meeting experience

    Rich interface, easy to achieve multiple peripheral integration. Built-in meeting applications, whiteboard, office software, etc.

    Multi-mode effect adjustment

    One-click eye protection, filters out 30% of harmful blue light, relieving long-time viewing fatigue. Preset standard, soft, theater and meeting mode, users can match the best display effect according to different scene requirements.

  • K-ARRAY - KGEAR Line Array Audio

    K-ARRAY Audio Solutions is globally renowned as one of the most innovative high-technology professional speaker manufacturers in the world founded in Italy. Since the formation of HP Sound Equipment in 1990 and K-ARRAY in 2005 the brand has been pioneering and innovating new audio solutions for live entertainment and the most demanding architectural designs.

    K-ARRAY has built on its successful professional audio expertise around the world and expanded the portfolio of solutions for everyday audio needs with KGEAR and combining architectural lighting with KSCAPE. Despite the broadening of the group's business interests,

    K-ARRAY’s goal remains to create unique audio solutions for every application.

  • Wall Mount or Rolling Stand

    Hanging Bracket

    Specifically designed for Collaborate panels in 600 mm width.

    Floor Stand

    Specifically designed and affordable floor stand for Collaborate Series panels.

  • (3) Diagonal Sizes

    The Collaborate Series comes in (3) Diagonal Sizes. 108", 136" and 163"

  • Additional Features

    Wireless screen projection

    Brings the stable and convenient meeting experience. Supports multiple screen projection modes such as mobile phones, computers, and screen projectors. Supports a maximum of 9 split screens.Latency <80ms, stable 72 hours without dropping.Built-in a variety of meeting applications, rich interfaces, flexible integration for you to create a dedicated meeting space.e.

    Optional Touch Screen

    Supports a multi-point infrared touch system that will elevate user engagement and interactivity. Sketch out your ideas, analyze a business chart, or flip through a Power Point presentation with ease.

    Fast Screen Connection

    5 seconds is all it takes to connect from your phone to the screen using photo capture.

    AI Intelligent Voice Control

    Voice intelligent display control, application experience comprehensive upgrade.

    Intelligent Remote Control

    Program editing and broadcast control can be completed in three simple steps with the remote control. The interface is as easy as using your smart TV at home.

    USB Drive Display

    Plug and play, simplify the display, and control by using a USB drive.

  • Brochure and Specifications

    Brochure and Specifications

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