WU Pro Series

Wafer Ultra Pro Series

WU Pro Series

There isn't a finer LED panel on the market from anyone at any price... Exceptional Mechanical Design, Powerful Graphics with Stunning Visuals.

WU PRO SERIES 1.2mm, 1.5mm. 1.9mm, 2.5mm

Taylorleds is a 80% joint venture of Absen. One of the worlds largest LED companies. ATS-Pro is the exclusive distributor of Taylorleds in North America.

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  • True 16:9 Aspect Ratio

    The WU Pro - Wafer Ultra is a true 16x9 panel allowing perfect aspect ratios that match any HD video format without the need for scalers or external video processing.

  • Cableless Cabinets

    Retractable connectors connect panels together seamlessly for easy maintenance. Modules are also cableless, equipped with magnets to snap into alignment perfectly.

  • 100% Front Serviceability

    Vacuum tool for modules. Hubs and PSUs accessible from the front.

  • Captive Screws

    Panels have Captive screws for ease of installation. (2) on the top and (2) on the side. No more searching for missing hardware.

  • XYZ-axis Alignment

    Two alignment pins on top of the panel and 3 on the sides for the ultimate fine tuning for the perfect flatness.

  • Micro Module Adjustment

    Modules can be adjusted within 0.55mm for a Seamless Screen.

  • Multiple Mounting Methods

    Wall Mount, Floor Stacks and Hang Bars.

  • The Most Advanced Graphics

    The WU Pro comes with the Novastar A10s Pro Card. We upgraded the IC’s to take full advantage of the most powerful Graphics Engine available today. With the exceptional, versatile design of the WU Pro Series and the Powerful new COEX MX Series Processors , the WU Pro Elevates the LED Experience by providing State of the Art Color, Operational Control and Advanced Camera Correction features.

    Novastar MX40 Pro with Advanced Graphics features

    Novastar MX30-SF with Advanced Graphics features. Exclusive to ATS-Pro

WU Pro Series Project Highlight

Over 850 WU Panels installed as a Ceiling Freize

The Kennedy Center

Washington DC

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