AltTextNovaPro UHD

All-in-One series

Seamless Switcher, HDR10-Optima, Low Latency
12G-SDI / DP1.2 / HDMI2.0 / HDMI1.3
10,400,000 pixels, 6 Layers + 1 BKG + 1 LOGO+ 1 OSD

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NovaPro UHD
The NovaPro UHD is a new all-in-one controller developed by NovaStar. By integrating video processing, video control and LED screen configuration functions into one controller, this product is capable of receiving a variety of video signals, processing and sending images of resolutions up to ultra HD 4K×2K@60Hz and 8K×1K@60Hz, and provides a maximum loading capacity of 10.4 million pixels.

With the built-in Master VI smart platform, the NovaPro UHD supports layer creation, property settings, and screen configuration using the mouse, keyboard and monitor.

The NovaPro UHD can send the processed video to LED display through Neutrik Ethernet ports and OPT ports. Thanks to the powerful video processing and sending capabilities, this product is well suited for high-end rental applications, stage control systems and fine-pitch LED displays.
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NovaPro UHD
  • A variety of input connectors
    • 4 × 12G-SDI connectors with loop-through
    • 1 × HDMI 2.0 connector with loop-through
    • 1 × DP 1.2 connector
  • 1 × replaceable input card
  • Input card can be DVI or HDMI (default) card.
  • 16 × Neutrik Ethernet ports and 4 × OPT ports
    • The loading capacity can be up to 8.8 million pixels
    • 4 × 10G OPT outputs with copy and hot backup modes
  • 6 × layers, 1 × OSD, 1 × LOGO, and 1 × BKG
  • 2 × layers up to 4K×2K, 4 × layers up to 2K×1K
  • Layer scaling supported
  • OSD supports 4K×2K resolution, cropping, opacity, dynamic or static images and position
  • settings.
  • Layer opacity adjustment, irregular layers, layer mask, and layer copying, mirroring and flipping supported 
  • Layer priority adjustment by z-order
  • Up to 8K output width or height of a single device
  • Multiviewer settings
  • Monitor the input sources, PVW, PGM, or perform mixed monitoring.
  • Quick and advanced screen configurations
  • With the built-in smart platform Master VI, LED screen configuration and layer configuration can be easily performed using the connected mouse, keyboard and monitor.
  • 10-bit processing of the input source
  • HDR function to make images finer and smoother (NovaStar A8s or A10s Plus receiving card required)
  • Low latency output
  • The delay from the input source to receiving card can be as low as 1 frame when the low latency and synchronization functions are turned on and the data runs vertically on the screen.
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NovaPro UHD


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