AltTextN9 Switcher

Seamless Switcher

The N9 is a high-performance seamless switcher that integrates video processing, screen mosaic, transition effects and multi-screen display capabilities.

With powerful video signal receiving and processing abilities, the N9 supports up to 4K×2K@60Hz video input and outputting ultra-high-quality images. It can be widely used in various scenarios, such as intermediate and high-end rental, stage control, media centers, big conference sites, exhibition sites and concert control centers.

Real 4K, pixel to pixel

  • 9 input sources, including two 4K source inputs.
  • 4 DVI master outputs, for up to 8K×1K or 4K×2K loading capacity with a single unit

Spicer Mode


7 layers in any location

  • 7 layers + OSD + 1BKG + 1 Logo
  • Support for 7 layers in any location, each up to 4K×2K
  • Cross connector output is supported.

Advanced design for reliability and stability

MVR output allows monitoring for all inputs and outputs.

  • Allows you to easily use one monitor to view input sources, placing PVW, PGM and OSD all on one screen.
  • Simplifies setup by reducing equipment, allowing for a secure and stable experience.


2 AUX output can be used for teleprompter.


Multiple operation modes


More features

  • Supports Multiple switching effects of fade-in and fade-out.
  • Supports 32 user presets, accessible at the push of a button

Want to expand your input source?

When the N9 is used with VE7, the input source can be increased to 16 channels, up to 5 channels 4K inputs, and the AUX output is increased to 3 channels, which is enough to meet the needs of various complex application.

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