LED Controller

1920×1200 Resolutions

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MCTRL700 is a video controller developed by NovaStar. It supports 1x DVI input, 1× HDMI input, 1× audio input, and 6 Ethernet outputs. A single unit can load 1920×1200@60Hz.
MCTRL700 utilizes USB IN to connect with a PC, and serial UART to perform cascading. MCTRL700 is mainly suitable for applications in the rental and fixed installation sectors, such as concerts, live broadcasting, monitoring centers, Olympic events, sports arenas, and more.
Supports 3 types of inputs:

  • 1×HDMI 1.3IN-OUT
  • 1×AUDIO
  • 8bit video source loading capacity of 1920×1200@60Hz.
  • 12bit video source loading capacity of 1440×900@60Hz
  • Supports 6x 1G network port outputs.
  • Supports 1× USB control port
  • Supports 2× UART control ports for cascading up to a maximum of 20 units.

Point to point brightness and color calibration provided by NovaLCT and NOVACLB software. This software performs brightness and color calibration on every LED lamp, reducing color discrepancies, and ensuring uniform brightness and color over the entire display, providing a higher quality image.
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  • 3 × Input connectors
  • 1×SL-DVI (IN-OUT)
  • 1×HDMI 1.3 (IN-OUT)
  • 1×AUDIO
  • 6×Gigabit Ethernet outputs
  • 1×Type-B USB control port
  • 2×UART control ports
  • Used for device cascading. Up to 20 devices can be cascaded.
  • Pixel level brightness and chroma calibration.
  • Working with NovaLCT and NovaCLB, the controller supports brightness and chroma calibration on each LED, which can effectively remove color discrepancies and greatly improve LED display brightness and chroma consistency, allowing for better image quality.n used with the video distributor.
  • V-Can (smart control software from NovaStar) supported
  • 10 presets
  • At most 10 user presets can be created and saved as templates which can be used directly and conveniently.
  • EDID management supported
  • Supports custom EDID and standard EDID.
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