VF4 Pro

Modular 4K seamless switcher and splicing processor 4K@60 4:4:4 10bit Display Flexible Split with Ultra-wide Range

AltTextVF4 Pro

4K Video Processor

Modular 4K seamless switcher and splicing processor 4K@60 4:4:4 10bit Display Flexible Split with Ultra-wide Range

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VF4 PRO is a 4K LED video processor and switcher, with modular I/O design. It inherits the superior performance of VF4, supporting multiple 4K 60hz inputs, and dual-channel HDMI 2.0 outputs for up to 8K x 2K display.

With the advanced SPROLINK technologyVF4 PRO is equipped with 4 working modes, making full use of the dual-channel HDMI2.0 outputs. VF4 PRO is designed to fulfill the diversity needs of pure 4K display.

Working with 4K LED sending cards, VF4 PRO is one of the best 4K video processors for LED display solution 4K and above.

  • 4K LED video processor with 2 HDMI2.0 outputs for 8Kx2K capacity
  • Inputs modular design covers various necessities
  • HDMI2.0 DP1.2 and 4K@60Hz inputs with downward capacity
  • Dual-Channel HDMI2.0 4K@60Hz Output
  • Display up to 6 layers
  • Fade in Fade out switching between any input channel
  • Support 4 operation mode for various 4K solution
  • Flexible image quality adjustment
  • Cascade split with strict synchronization


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Preview and Program Function for Live Event Control
In Preview Mode, the HDMI1 output as Preview and HDMI2 output as Program, offering seamless switching between Preview and Program with fade in fade out transition effect, ideal for the live event applications.

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Independent Control
In Independent Mode, the two HDMI2.0 outputs work independently. Each can be scaled and configured individually to control two separate display units even not the same type.

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Multi-windowing Display
In Standard Mode, the processor enables 3 windows overlay on a 4K background in any size and any position. The two HDMI outputs are exactly the same for duplicated displays.

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Synchronous multiple units cascade for larger displays
With multiple LAN ports for external Genlock connections, multiple units of VF4 PRO can be cascaded synchronously for larger displays with over 8K2K pixels.

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