Introducing the New VF1 PRO

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AltTextVF1 PRO

Modular 4K signal seamless switcher and splicing processor - 4K@60 4:4:4 10bit Display Flexible Split with Ultra-wide Range

MSRP $4,400.00 USD

Product Description

VF1 PRO is a fully modular 4K signal seamless switcher and splicing processor. It inherits the superior performance of VF1, can support 4/8 DVI output channels independent control or splicing.

With the advanced SPROLINK technology, VF1 PRO can support 6 layers in maximum, which can cope with various display application requirements.

Supporting up to 6 UHD inputs and 4 traditional 2K signal inputs. Realizing perfect fade in fade out transition between any input channel.

It is one of the high-end 4K video processors for broadcast display and large scale small pitch display solution.

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Inputs modular design covers various necessities
Dual output slots offer 4/8 DVI output channels
Support independent control & flexible splicing
Display up to 6 layers on all outputs
HDMI2.0 DP1.2 and 4K@60Hz inputs with downward capacity
Handle 8k x 2k splicing by single unit
Fade in Fade out switching between any input channel
Monitoring all outputs by single port
Flexible image quality adjustment


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Rear Panel

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