VF1 is a professional 4K video processing splicer with 4:4:4 image quality processing
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AltTextCreative Video Revolution
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AltTextCreative Video Revolution


4K Video Processor - 4K@60 4:4:4 10bit Display Flexible Split with Ultra-wide Range

MSRP $3,299.00 USD

Sprolink VF1
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4K@60Hz Input
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Support UHD 4K@30Hz,4K@60Hz Sources inputInput interfaceDual-DVI,HDMI 1.4,HDMI 2.0,DP 1.2
Output Backup
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4 x DVI outputs and 4 x Backup DVI outputs, each output interface uses a separate encode chip; Much easier for sending card cascade, to reach wider and higher LED screen.
4 Independent Outputs
With maximum 5 inputs, it is able to control 4 screens of different input sources. You can also use it as an 5 in-4 out matrix. All the input sources can be switched to any output without black pause or signal pause.
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PIP based on four DVI outputs splicing
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Preview seamless switching
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4K2K(3840*2160) Splicing
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8K1K(8192*1152) Splicing
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VF1 Product Video

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