Modular Video Wall Controller 3D/4K 60Hz Pixel-to-Pixel Large Scale Solution
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Modular Video Wall Controller 3D/4K 60Hz Pixel-to-Pixel Large Scale Solution

MSRP $7,699.00 USD

Sprolink VD3

  • Seamless Switch: Fade In Fade Out Switch
  • Support 4K Splicing: Support 3840×2160@60Hz pixel to pixel input display, max support 39 channels 4k pixel-to-pixel display
  • Support Control Protocols: Support IP/TCP network protocols and RS232 control
  • EDID Management: Support EDID management so that it’s easy to reach pixel to pixel display
  • Visualization: You are able to see the input and output image or video on our echo screen
  • Ipad Wireless Control: Support Ipad Control and PC LAN Control
  • Modular: The input and output are all modular. and the most impressive part is the maximum capacity of 288 input signals and 160 output signals
  • Multi-layer Display: This beautiful machine is capable of displaying the same image or different ones at the same time, the capacity of up to 320 images
  • 3D Splicing Display :The VD3 supports 120Hz 3D stereo signal input; as well as 3D splicing display
  • Rotation splicing: Supports optional splicing output module at any angle rotation
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One input to multiple outputs in scaling mode
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Multiple inputs and outputs in pixel to pixel splicing mode
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Customize Output Resolution by Module
Each installed module can be independently configured for resolution within 3840 in horizontal and 2048 in vertical. This one unit can support multiple screens with their individual resolution.
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Visualization Software
This state of the art visualization software enables you to preview the input & output content ideal for real-time editing.
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4K Pixel-to-Pixel Splicing
Supports multi-channel 4K inputs to in order to reach bigger size screens and pixel to pixel splicing with internal Genlock Sync.
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VD Series Card Options
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VD3 Product Video
VD3 Control Software Download

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