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Video distribution structure for LED sending cards with built-in DVI distributor

MSRP $370.00 USD

Product Description

SD6 video distribution structure, built-in DVI distributor.

DVI distribution, each input can be assigned to 2 output. SD6 is well-designed with a card push-pull structure which supports 6 sender card slots makes installation easier.

SD6 is compatible with all manufacturers' sender card:

Linsn 801/802
Nova MSD300, MSD600,

SD6 signal adaptive matching design solves the problem of signals high-resolution interference and non-synchronization
during distribution.

The distribution system solves the problems of cascade and signal backup and also prate interface of the sending card. The SD6 has high speed fan to solve the heat dissipation.


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Built-in Fan
Compatible with all manufacturers' sender cards
Support 6 small cards.
Unified installation management to reduce purchasing
Drawer design, no need to disassemble the device.
DVI signal distribution, each DVI input is assigned to 2 outputs.


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Rear Panel

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