OOH HD Series - Outdoor Fixed

Aluminum module chassis and panel frame accelerates heat dissipation. Air convection design helps air circulation inside the panel and keeps the balance of the air pressure inside the PSU. Heat sink design for module chassis and power supply unit improves heat dissipation considerably. White color frame can reflect the sunlight to reduce the heat generated in the panel.

OOH HD Series
Fixed install Outdoor Small Pixel Pitch

For more than 15 years the staff at ATS-Professional has designed and built some of the most iconic indoor LED systems throughout the world with Pixel ranges from .83mm to 4mm in all sorts of sizes and shapes.

ATS-Professional is a direct designer and importer of OEM LED Panel designs. Our LED products are manufactured for ATS by some of the largest LED factories in the world.

We choose OEM factories based on the requirements of the project and each factory’s unique capabilities to provide the finest solution for our customers based on our Engineering Build Requirements and Design.

With decades of experience dealing in OEM manufacturing and our Un-matched internal Design and Engineering, ATS-Professional introduces our newest and most advanced line of indoor LED systems.

Every facet of the Design has been meticulously thought out. Mechanical Design, Visual Electronics, Installation, Reliability, Service and Support, Multiple Resolutions and Media Playback Systems to fit any budget.


Exceptional Engineering - Heat Dissipation
Aluminum module chassis and panel frame accelerates heat dissipation. Module and Power supply increase heat loss area with heatsink, so as to achieve the best cooling effect.OOH HD Metal material is up to 90%. Does not contains Any Plastic.


Protective Performance

  • Excellent flame rating
  • Die-casting Alumimun material
  • high temperature durability
  • Corrosion protection
  • Reach  5VB  fireproofing level
  • Protection Level from high to low in UL94:
  • 5VB>V0>V1>V2>HB


High and low temperature test

  • OOH HD can still operate after three days of testing from-30 ° C to +60 ° C.
  • Strong cold resistance and anti-corrosion


Design Excellence

  • Cable-less design
  • Power and signal cables are hidden at the top of the panel
  • Hard Pin Connection
  • BTB connector replaces data and power cables, high stability.
  • Support customized  90°screen
  • Noise-free Aluminum PSU

Die-casting Aluminum
Aluminum module chassis. IC and PCB hidden design,  directly heat transfer with the module chassis, achieves the best effect of heat dissipation.


Heat dissipation gap between the module and the cabinet, better heat dissipation effect

All white cabinet. The heat absorption can be minimized under direct sunlight.

Water-proof Technology

  • Protecting Rating (front and rear): IP66
  • Full waterproof
  • Full-sealed design
  • Die-casting aluminum module chassis
  • Water proof connectors(between modules)
  • IP66: the high standard of Waterproofing

Totally front and rear service


Lock system
Simple lock design, easy front and back maintenance, four locks in one module, only 8s installation, save time and labor cost.

Recycling and reliable

  • Copper wire:5000nits
  • Gold wire: 6500nits     
  • To achieve a certain viewing distance, must be enough brightness to ensure visibility.
  • Low pressure operation, reduces the power and guarantees the long lifetime of display screen.





LED Solutions

ATS Pro is a new division of Activate The Space one of the Pre-Eminent LED design companies for the past 15 years. We are constantly searching for new cutting edge products that can work for our customers projects and we are highly skilled in system design and mechanical engineering. Now with ATS Pro we are distributing and re-selling products in the USA backed by our technical know how and long history of designing some of the most powerful yet affordable LED Displays and Video Headend Systems in the world from Times Square to Asia.

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