Media broadcasting video processor with built-in 32G storage
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AltTextCreative Video Revolution
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AltTextCreative Video Revolution


MP1 is a media broadcasting video processor, built-in 32G storage. free video display with its own program editing software ( using USB disk to load the content ), no need for an extra computer and external source. MP1 supports VGA, DVI, HDMI, CVBS these basic interface and one SDI option module. This amazing processor also supports the basic features of a video processor, such as output resolution adjust and seamless switch.

MSRP $1,649.00 USD

Sprolink MP1

  • Broadcast and Control: Embedded media server, copy contents to processor to edit.
  • Cascade Support: Multi-device cascade to reach larger output resolution.
  • Mobile Phone Control : Mobile phone control, edited, signal switch and so on.
  • EDID Management: Support EDID management so that it’s easy to reach pixel to pixel dispaly.
  • OSD: Support OSD program and edit
  • Multi-layer Display: Displaying the same or different contents, the max layer can up to 6
  • Modular : One option SDI module
  • Seamless Switch : Fade In Fade Out Switch
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Broadcast Studio Integration
Upload Videosimages and rolling OSD via MP1 studio platform. Unlimited amount of windows or layers for images ,ideal for advertising business.
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Cascade Splicing
MP1 supports Multi-device cascade to reach larger resolution.Using one MP1 as Switching control, and the other MP1 units can complete any type of splicing.
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PIP Function
Support PIP between any signal for displaying and adjusting.
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Seamless Switching
MP1 supports 18 different kinds of seamless switching effects.
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